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Find that other recruiters are paying you lip service and just taking your CV for the sake of it. You don’t get feedback. You are pigeonholed, stuck in the same rut. We listen, then we listen a bit more, then we talk together about what you really want to do. You’d be surprised how many people don’t register with us and go on to do what they really want to do….all because we listened and pointed them in the right direction. We are waiting for your call.

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A New Challenge?

Is it time to jump up out of the rut, find that inspiring company going places, leave those who hold you back, work with like minded people, be happy in your work? Now is the time to make that break.

A New Candidate?

You wouldn’t go to a surgeon for prayer. You wouldn’t go to a minister for an operation. You wouldn’t rent a car from a donkey. You wouldn’t go to a laundry for a beer? It’s about looking in the right places. Surgeon for operations – ministers for prayer – Garages for cars – Pubs for a beer.
Recruitment agency for recruitment – make the right choice!
We work hard to recruit the right candidates and not just candidates that are visible on the internet but those who are passive, looking for a change but have only spoken to us.

Professional Advice?

“Nothing is free”? Well, yes it can be. We have provided professional advice and value-added service throughout our careers to those who asked for it. We have made a living out of providing positive support, mentoring and guidance to those in need. We have never been afraid to ask a question and you shouldn’t either. If you have a burning question about recruitment costs, questions to ask at interview, where to find people, available training, human resource issues; we have built up a network of professional like-minded individuals who can provide you with advice. Don’t be a stranger, please ask.

I worked with Craig In finding my current, happy role with a great company. Craig is thorough, tireless and painstaking in ensuring he’s making a good match between candidate, role and recruiter. ‘One of the best, if not The Best, I’ve ever worked with. Highly recommended
Catherine MSales & Account Manager
I attended a Sales day training course with some trepidation as I wasn’t overly successful on the phone and nervous. I gave the course 5 / 5 run by Craig. He put the confidence back in me to overcome objection. By doing so helped me understand that people are people, some are rude; get rid of those and some are helpful and want to work with me; keep those.  Not every call will produce a result but celebrate each result however small. My only concern is that this was a one-day course and I could have drained Craig of his knowledge and expertise over a week. Very well presented, fun with an easy stage by stage understanding of gaining trust and how to develop that to advocacy.
Abi R, Recruitment Consultant
I was new to recruitment but not telesales, however the speed I worked at with over 200 calls a day without taking time to stop and think isn’t really recruitment. This course showed me how to extend my calls and gain more information. Not to be dismissive of clients who didn’t use recruitment agencies but explore the reasons why and make them a target for later use or to canvass to. The course was thoughtfully put together and challenged my preconceived ideas that telesales training is a waste of time, you’ve either got it or you haven’t. This course showed me there is much more to telesales than just picking up the phone 5/ 5
James C, Recruitment Consultant
Craig meets all of his candidates and is very thorough in his interviewing, getting to know you personally and your needs. I look forward to using his services as a client, with a full understanding of what the candidate selection process is, robust and thorough; no stone is left unturned.
John P – Head of Finance – Manufacturing
Craig, it was a pleasure and probably the best experience of speaking to a recruitment advisor I have had. It was nice to actually discuss my works history in full with someone rather than just throw job specs at me so- thank you!
Kim T
I was introduced to Craig through a mutual contact and ever since the first conversation, I knew that he was unlike any other recruiter I had worked with. As a seasoned HR professional, that is a lot! Not only is Craig extremely professional, but he is also honest, down to earth, and most importantly, human. Our interactions were a joy and his belief in my ability was unwavering.
Sophie S - HR Manager Electronics Manufacturing
Our business was a brand new shiny Nursery for 6 month to 5 year old’s. My business partner and I had done all the hard work of setting up our company; finding and decorating the premises, equipping it, Ofsted had given it the thumbs up and we had recruited an excellent Nursery manager, we were ready to go. 7 days before we opened the doors the Nursery Manager gave back word and decided not to join us. Our “opening plans” were in shreds. With limited options and a necessity of speed I contacted Craig. I had used Craig for recruitment in my previous company and trusted his expertise, but for a Nursery Manager, I wasn’t sure he could deliver? But he has always “stated recruitment is recruitment and a good recruiter should be able to source any candidate!” He didn’t disappoint, within a day I had three excellent candidates to telephone interview, two of whom I took to full interview and one offered. To be honest my new Nursery Manager is better than the original offered candidates and has bought more experience to the role. I am delighted as I can leave her to manage the nursery and team whilst we build and market the business. Thank you, Craig NP & NP Directors
Nikki P - Nursery Services
Having been out of the Sales world for a few years looking after my son, my confidence was at an all-time low when I started searching for a new role.  Then I met Craig.  From the moment I spoke to him I knew he was going to be able to help me.  Not only did he take the time to sit down and listen, he helped me create a sterling CV.  Craig was pivotal in rebuilding my confidence and supported me thoroughly throughout the whole process and thereafter. Craig is fantastic at his job, a real people person and doesn’t treat you like just another candidate, like some recruiters.  He has a wealth of experience and his jovial character but professional manner really brings out the best in you.  Craig found me a wonderful job with a fantastic business; by taking the time to really learn about the client and the candidate he made a perfect match.  Further to this experience I thrived in the business world and I honestly do not think I would be where I am today if it wasn’t for Craig.
Emma M - Sales Executive
I had used Craig for recruitment in my previous company and trusted his expertise, and within a day I had three excellent candidates to telephone interview, two of whom I took to full interview and one offered.
Nikki P - Nursery Services
This course showed me how to extend my calls and gain more information and showed me there is much more to telesales than just picking up the phone!
James C, Recruitment Consultant
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