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Recruitment is a long and costly process when it goes wrong!

Recruitment agencies near meAdvertising, interviewing and selecting the right person is time-consuming and expensive. Let us do the work for you. As an awarding winning recruiter with over 26+ years of successfully recruiting for Corporate companies and SME’s, we believe that we will be the solution for your new prospect. Our achievements say a lot for the way we build trust and a personal relationship with our clients. Furthermore, this allows us to understand your journey and what makes your company the success it is. How that is conveyed to candidates is crucial to the matching process.

We believe meeting every candidate introduced to you, puts the ‘personal’ back into ‘recruiting personnel; after all an estate agent would not try and sell you a house they had not seen. The candidates may not believe you if you tell them how outstanding your company is, but when a third party buys into your values and conveys that message it adds credibility to your company, your values and your long-term goals.

We will always ask for us to arrange a meeting to make a full assessment of you, the role, the team, the work environment, and the company. This allows us to select the right match, first time, every time.

Contact Craig Storton on 07576 025276 or craig@whitewing-recruitment.co.uk

Craig, it was a pleasure and probably the best experience of speaking to a recruitment advisor I have had. It was nice to actually discuss my works history in full with someone rather than just throw job specs at me so- thank you!
Kim T
20 August 2018 To Whom it May Concern RE: Craig Storton – Recruiter I have worked with Craig over a number of years and trust him to source candidates suitable for my requirements. He has always been thorough and professional, and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others. Yours sincerely Nicola H – Operations Coordinator – HR and Administration
Nicola H - Operations Coordinator – HR and Administration
Craig was pivotal in rebuilding my confidence and supported me thoroughly throughout the whole process and thereafter.  He has a wealth of experience and his jovial character but professional manner really brings out the best in you.
Emma M - Sales Executive
Fantastic service! I applied for a job using Whitewing Recruitment Agency with Craig who was absolutely amazing went above and beyond to help me find work.
Charlotte D - Candidate
I was introduced to Craig through a mutual contact and ever since the first conversation, I knew that he was unlike any other recruiter I had worked with. As a seasoned HR professional, that is a lot! Not only is Craig extremely professional, but he is also honest, down to earth, and most importantly, human. Our interactions were a joy and his belief in my ability was unwavering. This makes all the difference when you are looking for THE new role. Rather than treating you like just another candidate (like many recruiters), Craig really gets to know you. He coaches you to bring out your best self and lifts your character off the paper CV, bringing it to life for the candidate and the prospective business. He puts people first, working hard to make sure that the candidate and the business fit well for the long term, which again is refreshing. If there are concerns, they will be discussed because there is an intrinsic understanding that careers and businesses count on him to get it right, a responsibility he holds in the highest regard. Craig takes time to get to know people and Companies, talking them both through what to expect and getting the match right. From both a candidate and client side this level of service is invaluable. I have nothing but praise for Craig and Whitewing Recruitment. I think the biggest testament is that I would not hesitate to recommend him to anybody or any business, in fact I hope to work with him as a business client in the future.
Sophie S - HR Manager Electronics Manufacturing
I worked with Craig In finding my current, happy role with a great company. Craig is thorough, tireless and painstaking in ensuring he’s making a good match between candidate, role and recruiter. ‘One of the best, if not The Best, I’ve ever worked with. Highly recommended
Catherine MSales & Account Manager
I have worked with Craig over a number of years and trust him to source candidates suitable for my requirements. He has always been thorough and professional, and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others.
Nicola H - Operations Coordinator – HR and Administration
As a senior statesman in Accountancy and Finance I was seeking a role that not only complimented my experience but where I could continue to make a difference in a progressive company. Craig meets all of his candidates and is very thorough in his interviewing, getting to know you personally and your needs. He puts you at ease and more importantly he stays in touch throughout the process. I was successful in my application and had the steady support of a professional recruiter to help and guide me along the way. I look forward to using his services as a client, with a full understanding of what the candidate selection process is, robust and thorough; no stone is left unturned.
John P – Head of Finance – Manufacturing
I was new to recruitment but not telesales, however the speed I worked at with over 200 calls a day without taking time to stop and think isn’t really recruitment. This course showed me how to extend my calls and gain more information. Not to be dismissive of clients who didn’t use recruitment agencies but explore the reasons why and make them a target for later use or to canvass to. The course was thoughtfully put together and challenged my preconceived ideas that telesales training is a waste of time, you’ve either got it or you haven’t. This course showed me there is much more to telesales than just picking up the phone 5/ 5
James C, Recruitment Consultant
I attended a Sales day training course with some trepidation as I wasn’t overly successful on the phone and nervous. I gave the course 5 / 5 run by Craig. He put the confidence back in me to overcome objection. By doing so helped me understand that people are people, some are rude; get rid of those and some are helpful and want to work with me; keep those.  Not every call will produce a result but celebrate each result however small. My only concern is that this was a one-day course and I could have drained Craig of his knowledge and expertise over a week. Very well presented, fun with an easy stage by stage understanding of gaining trust and how to develop that to advocacy.
Abi R, Recruitment Consultant
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